• Sundae (2013)

    Sundae (2013)

    Two friends deal with diverging paths and the fate of their extraordinary time together.

  • Memories (2012)

    Memories (2012)

    Sometimes, bits and pieces are all that remain from love that is best forgotten. Moving on, is knowing when to leave it behind.

  • Onion Skin (2011)

    Onion Skin (2011)

    A high school student turns heads when he decides to avoid texting a girl in this comedy-turned- romance about the power of letter writing.

  • 2AM (2010)

    2AM (2010)

    A vivid set of dreams blur reality in this story of a young man’s love.

  • MyCrisis (2009)

    MyCrisis (2009)

    A 14 year old considers whether his own generation will suffer a natural resource emergency similar to that of the 1970's Gas Crisis.

  • Contagious (2009)

    Contagious (2009)

    Is yawning contagious? Does seeing someone laugh make you want to do the same? And what happens when you hear running water?

  • Tiny Pillows (2009)

    Tiny Pillows (2009)

    A free form poem about the Beauty and Magic of snow.

  • Western Spaghetti (2007)

    Western Spaghetti (2007)

    The soundtrack of a cowboy movie inspires a young boy to find his own music.